XXL Unglazed Mid Century Modern Planter (15", 18")

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Warm + inviting

Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere with a classic heavy weight mid-century modern unglazed planter. The ceramic plant pot is handcrafted from high-absorbent terracotta, high-fired in small batches, and hand finished in natural clay finish.

Optional saucer

Whether potting directly or using the ceramic as a decorative vessel, a matching unglazed saucer is optional for added protection against excess spillage.

Drainage hole


Please note that due to the porous nature of terracotta clay, excess moisture can be absorbed into the clay, leaving temporary water marks on the clays surface

  • Handcrafted in North America
  • Made-to-order
  • Ceramic saucer (optional)
  • Free nationwide shipping


  • XXL (15"): 15.5" external x 14.5" internal x 15" height (45lbs)
  • XXXL (18"): 18.5" external x 18" internal x 18" height (65lbs)