Mid Century Modern Planter with Optional Saucer (Vintage Green)

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The classic mid century modern ceramic pot and optional saucer is the perfect statement pot for any indoor space. It’s handcrafted from premium terracotta clay, high-fired in small batches, and hand glazed in a durable vintage green gloss finish.
The plant pot is dense, heavy, and suitable for indoors and out.
  • Handcrafted in North America
  • Drainage hole; included
  • Matching ceramic saucer (optional)
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  • 8 Inch: 8.5” external x 7.75” internal  x 8” height (7lbs)
  • 10 Inch: 10.25" external x 9.5" internal x 10" height (18lbs)
  • 12 Inch: 12.25" external x 11.5" internal  x 12" height (25lbs)
  • 15 Inch: 15.5" external x 14.5" internal  x 15" height (45lbs)
  • 18 Inch: 18.7" external x 17.5"  internal  x 18" height (65lbs)