Shorty Unglazed Desktop Cylinder with Wood Stand (6" Clay Planter)

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Add warmth and style to your home or office space with a Shorty - Mid Century Modern Unglazed Planter and Solid Wood Plant Stand.

Our high-fired mini unglazed plant pots are handcrafted and slowly cured in a natural uncoated clay finish. Our wood stands carefully crafted in-house and organically finished to enhance the natural color and depth of grain of the wood without the use of harsh stains or chemicals.

Pair it with your favorite indoor plant to boost and add life to your desk space.


  • Unglazed Cylinder Pot (6")
  • Shorty Wood Stand
  • Indoor Planter
  • Drainage hole; bottom center
  • Made to order

Please note: Due to the porous nature of the clay, temporary water spots may appear after watering as moisture is absorbed into the clay.


Plant Pot: 6.5" external diameter x 5.5" internal diameter x 6" h
Plant Stand: 5"h
Overall height: 7.5"h