XXL Classic Ceramic Cylinder with Shorty Wood Stand (15")

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Instantly add life and style to your indoor space with our XXL Yellow Mid Century Modern Ceramic Cylinder Planter and Shorty Wood Stand.

The XXL ceramic cylinder plant pot is handcrafted from North American red clay that is hand-glazed and high-fired, to produce a durable matte or gloss finish. It comes with a drainage hole and fits most grow pots up to 14" in diameter.  A matching ceramic saucer is optional (not required ) and suitable for plants that are potted directly and require adequate drainage support.

The shorty styled wood stand is handmade from sustainably sourced, FSC Certified American Hardwood. Our stands are carefully crafted to support the weight of your heaviest potted plant and organically finished to enhance the natural color and grain of the wood, without the use of harsh stains or chemicals.


  • XXL ceramic cylinder(15”)
  • Matching ceramic saucer (optional)
  • Shorty wood stand
  • Indoor planter
  • Drainage hole; bottom center
  • This item requires up to 14 business days for processing and production and an additional 3-5 business days for transit and delivery


  • Planter: 15.5” external diameter x 14.75” internal diameter x 15" height (35lbs)
  • Planter Stand: 8" height.
  • Overall height: 17" h